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This was a completely custom job. It's a simple site with heavy-duty image maintenance scripts for a photographer who wanted to display TONS of photos. Developing this site was so much fun. I remember getting distracted many times while previewing pages. But, I guess that was the point of the design:

"Keep it simple and let the photo's do the talking."


2006 - 2007

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • DOM Scripting
Thumbnail of Home Page

Home Page

Thumbnail of Portfolio View

An example of viewing a photograph in the portfolio.

Thumbnail of Thumbnails (if that makes sense)

One of my favorite features of this site is the way you can view all the thumbnails of a category.

Thumbnail of Ordering a Photograph

You can order photographs and choose your framing preference.

Thumbnail of Category Listings

Each category displays 4 thumbnails in this view.