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As the lead designer on a team of 10+ developers, it was my responsibility to design the logo, corporate image, branding, and web presence. This was in addition to working with the rest of the developers to determine the user interface controls for numerous web applications. Browser compatibility was of the utmost importance. I was designing interfaces that had to work on many old browsers (like Netscape Navigator 4), but it was also the first time I had to be WebTV compliant (which is a nightmare, by the way).


2004 - 2005

Technologies Used

  • Perl Templating
  • CVS
  • CSS
  • DOM Scripting
Thumbnail of Login Page

Original Home Page Concept

Thumbnail of The Hassle-Free Lister

This was original tool interface concept used to create all the interfaces.

Thumbnail of The Promotional Layout

This was one of many promotional layouts that was declined for numerous reasons. Here, I've transfered the concept into valid XHTML and CSS.